THE OBF are Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston - formerly the core of 80s pop sensation Bucks Fizz.

Along with Bobby G, the trio: won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981; became one of the top groups of the 80s selling over 15m records around the world; spent 150 weeks in the charts; and had 3 UK number 1 hits including 'Land of Make Believe', 'Making Your Mind up' and 'My Camera Never Lies'.

Today the trio are set to launch their first album of new songs in over 20 years bringing the 'Fizz' sound and their renowned harmonies to a new generation. They continue to perform the hits of 'Bucks Fizz' to packed out audiences who cherish seeing the original members. Only last year they performed to 2500 screaming fans at the iconic London Palladium celebrating 30 years since winning the contest.

A new name for 2012 marks a new beginning for the trio with lots of exciting plans in store for the fans in the coming months.

This is their story: -


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Early in 1981, four complete strangers sat in the drawing room of a house in Fulham and were told, "You are now Bucks Fizz". In the eight weeks between this meeting an appearing on 'A Song for Europe' the band were hurled into a melee of rehearsing, recording, styling, dancing and media. All the hard work paid dividends in Dublin on the 4th April when 'Bucks Fizz' won the 'Eurovision Song Contest' and became household names around the world with the iconic 'Making Your Mind Up'. This song achieved instant attention with the famous 'skirt ripping' dance routine that accompanied the track. The record became a major hit around the continent, reaching number 1 in the UK and 9 other countries eventually selling 4 million copies worldwide.

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Bucks Fizz went onto have a massive worldwide career selling a staggering £15m records with a string of top 20 hits including: 'Run for your Life', 'Golden Days', 'Peace of the Action', 'One of those Nights', 'London Town', 'When we were young', 'Rules of the Game', 'Now those Days Are Gone' and 'New Beginning (Mamba Seyra) – to name but a few. In late 1981 Andy Hill penned 'The Land of Make Believe' which reached number 1 and stayed in the UK charts for a staggering 16 weeks. It was to become the Groups biggest selling record and one of the top-selling singles of the decade. The song is hailed as a '80s classic' and is widely regarded as the band's best song by fans and critics alike.

The Group went on to win numerous Awards (including a nomination for a prestigious BRITT Award) and performed to sell out audiences around the world.

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On 11 December 1984, while on a sell out UK tour, the Group's tour bus crashed. While no one was killed, several members of the band and crew were badly injured – the worst being Mike Nolan. After a life saving operation he remained in a coma for 3 days before eventually coming around with the words "I am all right". The effects of the crash remain with Mike to this day including short-term memory loss and impaired vision.

The effect of the crash was to have long-term implications for the bands future. Shortly after Jay decided to leave the band to pursue solo projects and was replaced by Shelly Preston.

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Over the years, the other two core members of Bucks Fizz left the band to pursue solo projects. Cheryl Baker went onto build a hugely successful television career including appearing on ITV's Pop Star to Opera Star.

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In 2006, Bobby G was to bring all for original members of Bucks Fizz back together again for an appearance with Peter Kay in the official BBC Comic Relief video – it was to spark a renewed friendship and in 2008, Cheryl, Mike and Jay reunited (along with Jay's replacement Shelly Preston) as "The Original Bucks Fizz" for the Living TV Show 'Bands go Pop". Shortly after the show Shelly Preston quit the band and Jay returned full time.

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In 2009, 'The Original Bucks Fizz' toured the UK performing to sell out audiences and appearing on hit TV shows including The National Lottery and This Morning. They were back happier then ever with a renewed friendship and desire to succeed! During this time they played a special gig in Newcastle to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the coach crash. They also released their debut single as the 'Original Bucks Fizz – a re-worked Jazz style of their hit 'I Hear Talk'.

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While preparing for the launch of their first album as 'Original Bucks Fizz and a special London Palladium Concert to celebrate 30 years since winning Eurovision they became caught up in a legal fight with Bobby G over the use of the name resulting in the new album being put on hold. A special London Palladium concert did go ahead however – with the band performing to staggering 2500 fans.

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A hearing between The Original Bucks Fizz and Bobby G took place on the 15h July 2011. The judge found in favor of Bobby G suggesting that 'The Original Bucks Fizz' was an impediment of their trademark. Although the band are set to appeal they have decided to re-brand themselves as the 'OBF' giving the fans what they want – the new material and opportunity to see the band live in 2012.

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Now after 25 years Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston are back together full time, recording and performing and are as excited as they ever have been. They will continue to perform the music of 'Bucks Fizz' to fans of old and new alike introducing new material along the way. Here is to another 30 years of 'Fizz Magic'!

This might be a 'new beginning' but Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston remain one of the enduring groups of the 80's as relevant today as they were at the height of their fame. Still touring to packed houses; still writing great hit pop songs and still aiming for chart success. Are you ready for THE OBF!

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